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25 best beauty products to buy in Amazon’s Black Friday sale

Of all the things to be thankful for this year, Amazon’s Black Friday sale has to be at the top of the list. This year, cosmetics alone are enough to make me run to my purse and pull out my credit card. Whether you’re trying to do some pre-holiday shopping or just want some freebies to reward yourself … well, you don’t really need a reason, do you? The point is, Amazon has slashed the prices of hundreds of must-have items, making it the best time of year to stock up on new and old favorites.

If you don’t feel like spending the next few days browsing the pages of discount items, I thought I’d do the hard part for you. Here are the best deals and products on sale right now on Amazon. Whether your hair needs to be hydrated or repaired, whether you’re ready to dive into the next big innovation in skin care, or just want a top quality flat iron, here are 25 incredible beauty products to buy during Amazon’s Black Friday sale.


Renewing Shampoo and Conditioner + Moroccan Argan Oil

Whether your hair has endured heat, chemicals, or just needs a little extra nourishment, this shampoo and conditioner set offers deep regeneration. It contains shine enhancing argan oil to rehydrate and nourish strands in difficulty.


Glitter Exhibitionist Liquid Eyeshadow

Is it even a holiday party if you don’t wear glitter eyeshadow? This liquid eye glitter dispenses high intensity glitter to brighten up any look. You can wear it on its own or, for added glam, apply it as a topper on a smoky base.


Epic Ink Liner

It’s one of the top rated eyeliners on the market, for good reason. Unlike some liquid pencils that smear, wrinkle, or fade after a few hours, this pen will ensure your crisp film stays rich and flawless all day long. Plus, the angle of the pen makes it easy to use even for hobbyists.


7 Row Cushioned Nylon Brush Set

Curly girls know how important it is to define your role model, for Instagram-worthy DNA spirals. This brush set is a great dupe for the well-reviewed Denman brush and is a great price for anyone who isn’t trying to spend their monthly salary on a hairbrush.


Universal Skin Refiner C

Black dots? Uneven skin tone? A wrinkle here or there? This serum uses pure vitamin C to completely regenerate your most common skin problems. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin without compromising its effectiveness. Plus, the texture is like the best pore blurring primer, making it a great base for makeup.


Murumuru Butter Blush

By far, you’ve never encountered a blush as smooth as this. The rosy peach color works over a range of skin tones, adding a slight shimmer to cheeks for a powerful, natural glow. It contains moisturizing Amazonian butters that make it blend in perfectly with your skin and prevent it from clumping together at the end of the day.


Makeup sponges set

For perfectly blended makeup, a sponge does the job without streaks or smudges. This set of five applicators is so reasonably priced that it might be a good idea to buy a complete set for all of your makeup-loving friends and family.


Foot Peeling Mask

The time for sandals is over, but winter is the time to give your feet a much needed reset. These slippers use papaya extract to gently remove dead skin and calluses. After a few days, you will notice the dead skin on your heels and soles flaking off, revealing soft, hydrated skin underneath.


Very Clear Acne Scrub

If you suffer from acne, the right facial cleanser can work wonders. This gentle scrub has an anti-blemish effect

salicylic acid, along with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients like tea tree, willow bark, and chamomile extracts to soothe and repair rashes. Plus, the exfoliator deeply cleanses any impurities from your pores that may be causing pimples in the first place.


Outlast Extreme Wear Corrector

Even if you get a full eight hours of sleep, dark circles sometimes persist. This full coverage concealer not only brightens, but also lasts for the long haul, meaning you won’t have to take it with you for touch-ups. If you’re looking to cover up pimples, the formula won’t clog your pores either, so you don’t have to worry about making blemishes worse.


100% satin pillowcase

Your hair and skin will thank you for swapping your traditional pillowcase for a satin version. With this product, you can expect less frizz and even less breakouts because the fabric does not hold pollutants in the same way as its cotton counterparts.


Colossal long-lasting mascara

The holidays can be an emotional time, with too much family time, gifts and entertaining, and perhaps too many glasses of wine. Tears may fall, but this waterproof, long-wearing mascara will make sure that even if it does, your lashes will continue to look long, full and never smudged.


Repairing finishing elixir hair oil

Blended with argan oil and shea butter, this hair oil will not only tame frizz and add beautiful shine to your hair, but it will also strengthen strands from the inside out, allowing your strands to grow longer and healthier.


Triple ceramic curling iron

Calling all future mermaids: this is the styler you need for effortless beach waves. The triple barrel wavy hair makes it easy to style long, thick hair, so you don’t have to spend hours getting ready for that Christmas party. Not only does this tool have a wide temperature range for different hair textures, but it also automatically turns off after an hour, so you don’t panic in the middle of the day, trying to remember if you’ve unplugged it. or not.


Ink the Velvet Lip Tint

If you plan on spending a few evenings under the mistletoe, you need a lip product that won’t stain your face after a tingling or glass of wine. This long-lasting liquid lip tint contains a powerful pigment, without being too dry or heavy.


Facial cleansing brush

This vibrating facial cleansing brush not only helps remove blackhead-causing pollutants from your pores, but it also exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin. The vibrations create more blood flow to the area, resulting in a plump and glowing appearance. The device is also made with hygienic silicone, so that no mold can grow on the surface.


1 “titanium styling iron

A quality hot tool is an investment, and this 1-inch flat iron from CHI is a smart choice to make. The narrow titanium plates make it easy to straighten hard-to-reach areas like around the hairline or roots, making it an ideal choice for shorter hairstyles. The tool heats up quickly and evenly, meaning you won’t have to cycle through areas multiple times, making heat damage less likely.


Eco Micellar Cleansing Pads

For the good of your face and the environment, replace the round cottons with these reusable towels. The microfiber texture makes them super soft on sensitive skin. Just apply your favorite makeup remover and when you’re done wash the pads and reuse them.


UV LED Nail Lamp

Gel manicures are ideal for people who want long-lasting, extra-shiny nails. Instead of spending tons of money in a salon, you can get the same results at home with this premium UV LED nail lamp. It’s so easy to store and use, you’ll wonder why you haven’t in years.


Original sun lotion SPF 70

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can skip SPF every day. This SPF 70 version won’t clog your pores or leave you dry and tight. In fact, because it’s infused with moisturizing vitamin E, your skin will be more hydrated than ever, while being protected from harmful UV rays.


The skin care solution

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs can seem like the most difficult skin problems to deal with. If you choose to remove body hair, using an exfoliating tonic like this will remove bumps and ingrown hairs. Using gentle exfoliators, this solution works best when applied directly after waxing. The before and after photos of the brand speak for themselves.


One-step professional hair dryer and volumizer

Long, bouncy hair never goes out of style, but it can sometimes seem impossible to achieve at home. This hair dryer brush not only gives you a sleek, frizz-free style, but it also helps create lift at the roots, showing volume you never knew you had. The brush has three heat settings that you can customize for your hair’s needs, and the head comes off, so you can easily put it away for a weekend getaway.


Colossal pedicure rasp foot file

It might not be sexy, but it is a reality: dry areas, cracked heels, and ubiquitous calluses on your feet require a little more care and attention. This foot file is so comfortable to use, grating dead skin painlessly and effortlessly. It’s made from stainless steel, which can be used on wet or dry feet, is easy to rinse off between uses, and is virtually indestructible.


Dental Water Flosser

Avoid the biannual shame session at your dentist, when you have to lie and say you floss every day when in reality you haven’t flossed since … well, since the last time that your dental hygienist did for you. This water flosser makes it easy to keep up with your oral hygiene routine, removing plaque and any food that may get stuck between your teeth. There really is no more excuse.


Original Healing Cream

Eucerin has been praised by dermatologists for eons, due to its amazingly moisturizing powers. This original cream is an excellent fragrance-free body moisturizer, ideal for anyone sensitive to odors. The rich cream also serves as

treatment of hands, healing of chapped palms and rapid peeling of the skin.

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