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5 Reasons Remus Lupine Was A Coward (& 5 He Was A Hero)

Remus Lupine is one of the most fascinating characters in the Harry potter series, having been a werewolf who was in conflict over his place in life. As James Potter and Sirius Black’s best friend, Remus had really felt accepted during his school years, only to be broken after Voldemort’s intervention.

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Remus’ actions as a teenager can be placed in a different context, one where they could be seen as cowardly. Moreover, his deep and lingering insecurities as an adult also caused him to make equally cowardly decisions. Then again, there have also been many times he has displayed the bravery and heroism that House Gryffindor is known for and these too cannot be underestimated.

ten Coward: His deliberate failure to inform Dumbledore of the secret passages

Harry potter

Many fans called for a spin-off featuring the Marauders group of Remus, James, Peter and Sirius to find out more about them. So far, what is known is that the group broke most of the rules at Hogwarts and found ways to get in and out of school.

Remus deliberately did not tell Dumbledore about these passages. despite the fact that he believed Sirius was there to kill Harry and was using the same roads. By his own admission, Remus admitted that he was a coward to hide this information from Dumbledore for fear of being judged. If Sirius had really meant to kill Harry using these passages, the blame would have been on Remus’ head.

9 Hero: being the first true mentor Harry had

There is no doubt that Remus was most beloved teacher of Harry’s time at Hogwarts because of its ability to connect with students. In addition, he was Harry’s first real mentor, as he taught Harry the Patronus charm and was a confidant when he needed it.

At the time, Harry was not so close to Dumbledore and did not know Sirius, and Remus was his source of wisdom. Of course, Harry’s use of the Patronus at crucial points in the series comes down to what Remus teaches him, making Remus responsible for all the lives Harry saved.

8 Coward: his attempt to abandon his wife and child

Lupine reaches out to Tonks at Hogwarts

Remus attacked Harry in Deathly Hallows when the latter bluntly called him a coward, yet there is little argument against that. After all, he admitted that he wanted to leave Tonks pregnant because he didn’t want to face the shame of having a child whose father was a werewolf.

No one had forced Remus to marry Tonks, which meant he was responsible for taking care of his family. However, Remus tried to shirk this responsibility and would have abandoned Tonks if Harry hadn’t pushed him away.

7 Hero: never be intimidated by threats from the forces of evil

To Remus’ credit, he deserved to belong to the Gryffindor house since he was a brave man. Characters like Hagrid and Professor McGonagall were known for their bravery, but they were terrified of the name Voldemort. On the other hand, Remus wasn’t afraid of such things.

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He was also not afraid of Death Eaters, as he faced Voldemort’s forces head-on each time. Even after seeing Voldemort in person during the Battle of the Seven Potters, Remus was ready to face the Dark Lord personally, due to his heroic nature.

6 Coward: his reluctance to face the consequences

Remus used to run away from the consequences of things he set in motion. Along with his attempt to abandon his pregnant wife, Remus quit his job at Hogwarts when it became known that he was a werewolf.

He was assured by Dumbledore himself that he would not be fired, but did not want to face the music and looked like he had been fired rather than fighting for his job. He was too ashamed to apologize to Snape for what the Marauders did to him in his youth even though Remus knew Snape was angry with him for it.

5 Heroes: entering dangerous situations for the greater good

The films slide on some of the facts about the Marauders, in that they acted as spies for the Order of the Phoenix at a young age. Remus, despite being a teenager at the time, mingled with alleged Death Eaters to focus on Voldemort’s plans.

Even more notable was his involvement with the werewolves after Voldemort’s return, Remus revealing that he spent almost all of his time among the werewolves who colluded with Voldemort to gather information. He didn’t need to do anything, but it speaks to his character that he chose to do it for the greater good.

4 Coward: Don’t stand up to James and Sirius

This is another thing that Remus bluntly admitted to being a coward about, as he revealed that he deliberately allowed Sirius and James to be bullies. Dumbledore had appointed Remus as Prefect mainly in the hope that he would use his authority to keep his friends in check, but it backfired.

In his place, Sirius and James were happy to have a Prefect by their side as they intimidated the students. Worse yet, Remus would be present when the two took their bullying against Snape to extreme levels and chose not to do anything because he was afraid his friends would abandon him if he spoke up.

3 Hero: be the only marauder to admit his mistakes

Interestingly, out of four Marauders, only Remus admitted he was wrong. James and Sirius remained determined about their “student jokes” even though it was bullying, and the latter even continued to ridicule Snape as an adult.

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Peter Pettigrew was obviously too far away to ever be redeemed, which left Remus as the remorseful Marauder. While he didn’t apologize to the people he hurt, Remus at least turned the page and never got involved in such behavior again.

2 Coward: Using James as a Way to Influence Harry’s Thinking

Harry potter

Remus was easily at his worst when he tried to leave Tonks behind, as he also sought to manipulate Harry. In the event, he used the memory of his deceased best friend by claiming that James would like him to abandon his family and accompany Harry on his escape from Voldemort.

Harry instantly saw this lie and called Remus, telling him that his father would never want Remus to leave his pregnant wife to run away with his son. Near the highest point of Deathly Hallows, Remus admitted his mistake and accepted his child, and naming Harry the Godfather was his way of acknowledging his cowardly act earlier.

1 Hero: his acceptance of death

What’s interesting about Remus Lupine is that he’s always been afraid of life’s struggles, and he’s never been afraid of death. It would have been understandable if he had chosen to stay for the sake of his baby during the Battle of Hogwarts, but he continued the fight and lost his life.

Before that, Remus was involved in every major battle with the Death Eaters, including the Ministry battle and Dumbledore’s murder. He had never thought of running for his own sake because, deep down, Remus had accepted that he was dying and wanted to go out doing something that mattered.

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