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Able C&C partners with Lily & Beauty

Able C&C partners with Lily & Beauty

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Korean beauty brand joins forces with Chinese beauty massive

Able C&C which owns the one of the most popular Korean makeup brand Missha is now partnering together with Lily & Beauty the top company that provides online cosmetics retailing and marketing products in China.

In this regard Lily & Beauty, the company founded by Lily & Beauty President Huang Tao and Grade Of, Chinese operations manager of Able C&C, recently hosted the signing ceremony for two-way collaboration in Shanghai.

Lily & Beauty is a cosmetics online store based in Shanghai, owned in by Alibaba Group, the powerhouse of the retail industry and internet in China.

“The rapid expansion in local brand is causing intense competition within China’s Chinese makeup market” Grace Du said. “In this sense the collaboration between Lily & Beauty and Lily & Beauty will considerably increase the presence of Missha”,

The collaboration between the two organizations will start with Singles Day on November 11 which is the Chinese holiday that is known as the largest online and offline shopping day.

Particularly, Alibaba achieved more than 30 billion dollars of sales in the holiday shopping season in China which was originally an unofficial holiday only for singles.

“With Lily & Beauty, we’ll be implementing proactive marketing strategies. One of the products we are targeting will be M Perfect Cover BB Cream ” Director for the Able C&C Overseas business division Lim Jun-won was mentioned. “We anticipate positive results from our first project. “

Able C&C has over 32,000 retail stores across more than 50 countries across the globe. In China alone the number of stores that are offline is 3,200 according to the Seoul-based company.

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