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Beauty range on ‘Shark Tank’: How much does it cost, who is the founder and how to enjoy makeup even with acne

Thanks to science and technology, mankind may have set foot on the moon, but when it comes to something as simple as finding the right shade of foundation that’s a perfect match to the undertone of our skin, this remains a huge challenge, especially for skin rich in melanin. If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, finding basic makeup products that won’t irritate or aggravate your skin is nothing short of a miracle.

As a woman of color with acne-prone skin, Alicia Scott was no stranger to these struggles. Tired of trying to find makeup that works for her, the Atlanta-based entrepreneur decided to launch her own cosmetics brand, Range Beauty, which focuses on creating clean, inclusive makeup products that will leave your skin feeling healthy and healthy. happy. Scott will soon showcase his brand in the upcoming episode 14 of “Shark Tank” in front of the Sharks – Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and Shark guest Emma Grede. While we’ll have to wait and watch to see if Scott managed to impress the Sharks with his promising makeup brand, in the meantime, you can find out all about Scott and his brand here.


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What is the Beauty Range?

Anyone with eczema, acne, or sensitive skin can testify to the near impossibility of finding a good basic makeup product that doesn’t aggravate their skin. This already daunting task becomes twice as difficult if the person is high in melanin, as there are not enough shade options among brands that sell makeup for people with sensitive skin. But thanks to Range beauty, you no longer have to choose between risking your skin’s health by buying a foundation that works for you but aggravates your skin, or buying a foundation that doesn’t irritate your skin but leaves you look like a big elephant. With Range Beauty Foundation, you can get the best of both worlds: clean, inclusive makeup that will leave your skin glowing without the need for filters. “Born out of a need for more diverse shades and less toxic ingredients in the cosmetics industry, Range Beauty was born. It’s a brand that encourages you to express yourself, while letting your true skin shine through,” says the Mark. Some of the main makeup features of Range Beauty include:

Real shades for real skin: real shades and undertones that match you, but you don’t see in the makeup aisles

Good for Skin Ingredients: Formulated with botanicals like calendula, chamomile and argan oil to help soothe and nourish

No irritating stuff: we leave out synthetic dyes and fragrances, talc, sulfates and phthalates.

Always keep it clean: sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free

Who is the founder?

Alicia Scott is the CEO and founder of Range beauty. On the brand’s website, Scott shared, “I created Range to feel seen. I wanted a makeup line that I could confidently wear on my beautiful brown skin while taking care of my eczema and my acne.” Scott began her career in the fashion industry in New York, where she noticed the lack of shades available during photo shoots and runways. This led her to take a look at her own cosmetics collection which was lacking due to the limited availability of her complexion. Not only did she struggle to find the right tint and shade at her local drugstores, but many brands were using ingredients that were inflaming her eczema and acne. She then decided to create a solution to these two problems and developed Range Beauty, a makeup line with benefits for the skin. She kept asking, “Why aren’t there better options for us?” and created one.

In an interview with xoNecole, she shared, “It got me thinking about the lack of shades available to us. On top of that, I was dealing with eczema and acne-prone skin, so I wanted a line that wouldn’t irritate my skin. That was in 2014, [when] there weren’t as many clean beauty trends [around] as there are now. So when I was looking for alternatives, a lot of the products that came out were very light shades. Doing more research I discovered the issues with black women being exposed to twice as many toxic beauty products due to the lack of products for our skin tone. Just thinking about how these ingredients were linked to breast cancer and hormonal disruption, I really wanted to create a solution.”

Range Beauty’s Myisha and Alicia Scott on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

How much do Range Beauty products cost and where can I buy them?

Range Beauty is currently selling 21 unique shades of their True Intentions Hydrating Foundation for $21. The brand also offers a swatch kit for their foundation, which can be used to find your exact shade in case you are unsure about choosing the right shade. The swatch kit contains five tester-sized foundations in different shades. The sample kit sells for $8. The brand’s foundations and other products have received rave reviews from its customers. One customer wrote, “I couldn’t say more positive things about this foundation. It ticks all the boxes I have looked for in a foundation and I will buy it again and again. I can’t wait to have more products from Range so I can buy them too.”

Where is Range Beauty now?

Scott took to her Instagram to share her success story. “When your investors look like you. Alright, let’s talk about some losses before the win:
• Launched @range_beauty in August 2018, pitched in my first pitch contest organized by @ariansimone in September 2018.
• Passed the preliminary application round and presented to @spanx HQ.
• I lost and did not reach the main stage. I sat in the audience late into the night watching the finalists, listening and learning. I also went to my judge and asked him what I could do to improve.
• April 2019, another Fearless competition, this time a finalist on the main stage in front of a full panel of investors at @facebook HQ. I lost again.
• November 2020, my third presentation at and this time I secured the bag😭
Fast forward to today where I went from public to speaking on stage as a holding company. I’m in awe of this journey, the blessings, the lessons, and the people like @ariansimone who have supported me from the start. I am beyond proud that this amazing group of black women are the first investors on my cap table. Thank you for an amazing week!”

Who will steal the deal?

Barbara Corcoran may be very keen on the brand, but ultimately it will come down to the brand’s sales numbers and whether the Sharks want to invest in the brand or not.

Barbara Corcoran on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

“Shark Tank” Season 13 Episode 14 airs on ABC on February 25, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET. Watch the latest episode featuring products like Range Beauty, Diaper Dust, Junobie and Pinole Blue.
Missed an episode? Want to catch up? Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu. Not only that, you can also watch old seasons and episodes on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

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