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Chrishell Stause’s moisturizing and anti-aging skincare routine

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Chrishell Stause finds as much solace in taking care of her skin as the rest of us. Between selling luxury homes to Marvel actors like Simu Liu and NBA athlete Thomas Bryant, the sell sunset The star always takes time out of her busy schedule to make sure her skin thrives behind the scenes. In fact, skincare plays a vital role in her self-care routine.

Since becoming a fan favorite on the Netflix reality series, Chrishell has been open about the products she includes in her anti-aging-focused skincare routine. She’s a big fan of Dermalogica products, thanks to a few recommendations from her sister, a spa owner, and she’s previously mentioned that on her days off she likes to relax by steaming her face or wearing masks. Fabric.

Read ahead for a few things the star revealed about her skincare routine.

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She likes to keep things simple

As relaxing as multi-step skincare routines can be, they’re not for everyone, as some people — including Chrishell — like to keep it simple. In 2020, the Netflix star took to Instagram to share a Dermalogica-sponsored video describing her skincare routine. Throughout the four-minute video, she demonstrates how she uses four of five products in her daily routine: Multi-Active Toner, Purifying Retinol Oil, Phyto-nature Firming Serum, which reduces signs of age, and the Super Rich Restorative Moisturizing Cream.

She’s a big exfoliator fan.

Having a sibling who loves skincare has worked out pretty well for the reality star. Chrishell mentioned in an interview with The Cut that her sister, who is a beautician, introduced her to one of her favorite cleansers, the Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Lactic Acid Cleanser, which she often uses to exfoliate.

“I remember going to my sister and asking her, ‘What am I doing? I have these weird little bumps under my skin, and that’s what she recommended,” she said. “It’s the kind of product you don’t start using, though. I’ve been using it for so long that I can use it twice a day, but I got into it. I only used it once a day at first, and there are times when I’ll skip it in the morning and take something like micellar water instead.

Resurfacing Skin Cleanser



Facial steamer plays a big role in her self-care routine

Being a part-time reality star and luxury real estate agent sounds like a pretty hectic gig, so with everything on her plate, it’s no wonder she makes an effort to give the priority to taking care of herself in her free time. Her self-care routine varies depending on her mood, but she likes to whip out her face spray — which can help hydrate and soothe skin — whenever she feels like it.

“Is it a book and steam face type party, or a Netflix and Postmates party,” she told Nylon. “I really like being home alone, and I write, read or watch TV and order Postmates. Sometimes I would take a bath, put a mask on my hair and let it sit. I love doing stuff like that.”

Even she can’t resist a Korean sheet mask

When asked about one of the newest additions to her skincare routine, Chrishell pointed to a set of sheet masks containing ginseng, an ingredient that can brighten your complexion and protect skin from free radicals.

“I absolutely loved it, and I let it sit, and it’s just very forgiving,” she said. “It’s easy to travel with them and put them in my bag.”

Red Ginseng Face Mask



She appreciates wearing less makeup

If many of us have learned anything about ourselves from social distancing over the past couple of years, it’s that wearing less makeup is so much more convenient. Even Chrishell agrees.

“I was always doing lashes and glam all the time, and I will say that to prepare now, I do it a little differently,” she told Nylon. “I’ve gotten used to how my eyes look without eyeliner. It definitely stems from being stuck in the house for the past year, and I’ve just gotten used to seeing myself without all that makeup. I liked to do less sometimes.

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