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Dominating the makeup industry with over 2,00,000 followers on Instagram – Sanya & Shifa makeovers

Likewise, this new era of more refined standards of excellence in the media has also caused the general public to demand something nearly identical. It appeals to charmed students who wish to manufacture their vocation in this industry. The beauty, makeup and fashion industry is one that has increasingly seen the rise of many such talented beings.

The makeup industry has grown over time. New techniques, global exposure and wide accessibility to learning makeup have changed the scenes of the beauty industry. Sanya and Shifa Makeovers, India’s leading celebrity makeover artists, have vast experience in the makeup industry for around 5 years and consistently provide their makeup and training services. They have trained more than 1200 makeup artists from all over India and abroad. They make an artist not just a professional, that’s what sets them apart from the crowd. Sanya Jain, Shifa Jain and Gaurav Kashyap are the founders of this famous brand.

Gaining the trust of over 2,00,000 people on Instagram is no easy feat. But, who can beat Sanya & Shifa’s makeovers in consistency, dedication and of course their passion which has earned them 2 lakh+ Followers on Instagram. With their striking efforts and immense talent, Sanya and Shifa have come a long way to make a name for themselves and have attracted a large number of social media followers. They have also worked with big names in the entertainment industry. Their excellence is not only marked by hard work but also by their thirst to introduce specialized procedures in India!

They explored every style imaginable that would appeal to viewers, from bridal to party to understated makeup. For a very long time, they have maintained a leading position in the business till now and have immersed all the specialties of imagination and excellence to make their unique space in these businesses and become obvious champions in everything. they decide to get their hands on it. By breaking all the norms, Sanya and Shifa have come this far and achieved what others can only dream of. Lastly, I would like to once again congratulate Sanya and Shifa’s makeovers for 2 lakh+ Followers on Instagram and wish great success ahead.

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