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Glimmr Superfood Hair Mask Transforms My Dry Strands

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I am sometimes embarrassed by people entering my bathroom – one look in the shower and you would see dozens of hair care products playing Tetris along the walls. Besides testing beauty products for a living, I’m a bit obsessed with taking care of my locks; my hair is one of my favorite features. Therefore, I look for the most nourishing formulas to keep it healthy, which are almost always deep conditioning hair masks.

Let’s be clear: I don’t like every mask I try. Some obviously do nothing for my hair, while others leave it drier after application. So when I find something worthwhile (an extended spot in my diet), I feel it is my duty to share with In the style readers. My favorite find lately has been Glimmr’s 10 Minute Vitamin Superfood Hair Mask.

Within seconds of my first use, I could feel the mask softening my ends and melting away stubborn tangles. Compared to other options, it took about half the amount of product to cover all of my hair, which means you’ll get many applications with just one jar. It also smells like heaven – if you’re a fan of sweet coconut smells, look no further.

Some facts about the mask: it’s packed with clinically proven ingredients like shea butter, fig extract, ginger root, castor oil, argan oil and coconut butter, to name a few. With every 10-minute weekly application (or more frequently, if you’re like me), superfoods deliver multiple benefits to hair, such as reversing damage, increasing softness and shine, encouraging longer, thicker locks , reduce breakage and restore the follicle. health. It’s also worth noting that the formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, free of sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, and dyes, and contained in recycled packaging.

I am not the only one to express my joy at this new discovery; many critics also had something to say. One person described the masking process as “10 minutes to beautiful, healthy hair” after adding softness and shine that “lasted for days.” A separate reviewer echoed this, sharing that it keeps their hair soft for an extended period of time while taming their frizz like “nothing they’ve used” before. Equally impressive, a third buyer claimed it even changed the texture of their hair: “It’s so soft, it comes out smoother and I swear it’s shinier too,” they wrote.

After using Glimmr Vitamin-Infusion Superfood Hair Mask, you could say I have some restructuring to do in my shower. I love how manageable it has made my damaged and colored locks and that it never leaves a greasy residue. Shop the beauty writer-approved treatment on sale for $36 right now.