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Industry game changer RMS Beauty has landed in the region

Regional fans of toxin-free beauty solutions can now add RMS Beauty makeup to their makeup bags. Available on Secret Skin, Anisha Oberoi’s award-winning clean beauty platform, the conscious American beauty brand is loved by influencers and others looking for clean alternatives.

RMS Beauty, founded by Rose-Marie Swift, is redefining traditional beauty standards with its “living ingredient products” and refillable packaging. Formulated with raw, food-grade, organic and natural ingredients sustainably sourced from nature and unique to indigenous cultures, RMS honors effective long-wear makeup with nourishing ingredients.

From the silicone-free gel-textured primer with plant-based squalane, hyaluronic acid and eggplant fruit extract, to the versatile palette featuring award-winning highlighting creams in four shades for a glow rosé or a multi-tasking cream product for cheeks and lips. with buriti oil and shea and cocoa butters, these are the makeup stars every conscious shopper needs in her stash. The brand has also made waves with its rich, nourishing cream foundation with wild-crafted buriti oil, organic coconut oil and RMS’ signature adaptogenic herbal blend and skin-softening balm. .

“We have delayed the launch in the Middle East for a variety of reasons, most of which is ensuring we have the right partner for the region. Secret Skin’s mission, experience and knowledge of the region, coupled with Anisha’s love for RMS, has given us a mountain of confidence that Secret Skin is the right partner,” said David Olsen, CEO of RMS Beauty.

A pioneer of the clean beauty movement and celebrated master makeup artist for over 35 years, Swift founded the eponymous brand in 2009. RMS Beauty was inspired by Swift’s health journey, as well as her realization that cosmetics could be made with better, safer products. ingredients while making women feel more beautiful, bold and authentic.

“I am beyond thrilled to finally launch my brand in the Middle East. RMS is growing extremely well at the moment and with our recent acquisition, I couldn’t think of a better time to expand our clean beauty momentum,” said Swift, who is unwavering in her pursuit of innovative, high-performance ingredients, said.

Secret Skin has expanded the makeup segment on the platform since the category launched in January 2022, with a focus on adding Clean Color selections for its customers.

“I am very proud to introduce this cult brand exclusively to the region to improve the offer for our customers, said Oberoi, who is also the CEO. “Makeup is seen as armor and is making a comeback given the ebb of the pandemic, and our intention is to empower wearers to make playful decisions about their makeup choices without compromising their health.”