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Review: How the SolaWave Wand Completely Changed My Skin

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I have never had a professional facial or skincare before. My skin can be sensitive so I’ve always been a bit wary of it overreacting to products or tools used during these, and to be honest many of the options are just too much. expensive for my budget to get them regularly. So when I first heard about the SolaWave wand, my interest was piqued.

It was launched in September 2020 and quickly became one of the most popular beauty tools on the market. It has been used by many celebrities including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Mandy Moore and Molly Sims. When the brand offered to send me one to try, I couldn’t resist. Let’s just say I didn’t believe in magic, but I’m starting to believe in it after using my SolaWave wand.

The little tool combines four dermatological technologies in one sleek handheld device, one of the most important being red light therapy. The SolaWave uses wavelengths of red light at 660 nanometers, which are one of the deepest that can penetrate skin based on the electromagnetic spectrum, according to skincare expert and medical esthetician Cassandra Bankson.

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“Red light can be a wonderful addition [for] people with active acne or scarring, in addition to their other prescriptions, [over-the-counter] products and treatment options, she tells PEOPLE. “It can lead to increased skin luminosity, as well as collagen texture and density, which improves certain fine lines, wrinkles, and skin luminosity. when done regularly and over time.

Bankson noted that red light therapy is one of the safe and effective treatments to do at home. She also owns a SolaWave wand and loves its small size so she can keep it in her routine even on the go. The handheld tool also features micro-currents that stimulate muscles and deeper layers of skin to promote smoothness, low vibrations that provide a deflating facial massage, and therapeutic heat that reduces redness and aids absorption of sweat. products.

I’ve been using the SolaWave wand fairly regularly in my beauty regimen for just over a year now, and I’m definitely noticing results even after just one use. Of course, I go through times when it’s out of my routine, when my skin definitely looks duller. But when I use the wand regularly, my skin always looks more radiant and tight.

Since I usually wake up with tired eyes, I tend to use the wand more in the morning for its anti-puffiness abilities. The areas where I notice the biggest difference are between my eyebrows and my forehead – they look visibly smoother after application.

The SolaWave can be used with the brand’s Renew Complex serum or any other you have at home. Its blue tansy and hyaluronic acid gel-like serum helps distribute microcurrents evenly, which can help deliver faster results. I went through a whole bottle and also used one of my own serums and didn’t notice too much change between the two.

After applying my serum, I will glide the device under my eyes and along my forehead, cheekbones, jawline and neck up and out. I usually swipe it over the same area 10-12 times before moving on to the next one. The device automatically turns on when it touches the skin, and I appreciate being able to turn my head to comfortably reach areas of my face.

The brand recommends using it for five minutes a day for three days a week to see the best results, and you will be see them! I know it is, and I’m not the only one who loves the baguette. SolaWave’s hundreds of reviews speak volumes about its quality. People actually call it a “magical product”. Euphoria Star Sydney Sweeney even said in a recent interview that everyone started noticing her glow after using SolaWave for a few weeks.

I can’t say enough about the difference it makes to my skin. It has really become a staple of my routine. Add to the fact that it stays charged for up to 12 sessions, is travel-friendly, and incredibly easy to implement into your regular regimen, and it’s safe to say this really is a tool. game changer in the beauty industry.

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