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Sephora’s Presidents’ Day sale features plenty of anti-aging beauty products

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Some of these anti-aging miracle workers are over 40% off! (Photo: Sephora)

In case you haven’t heard, Sephora is running a Presidents Day Sale, offering discounts on hundreds of beauty items, plus free shipping on your order when you use the code. FREE BOAT at the register.

You’ll find lipsticks, palettes, beauty tools and more, but we have our eye on one thing: skincare. Sephora currently sells over 300 skincare products, many of which contain wonderful anti-aging ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, and chemical exfoliants like AHA and BHA. So which are the best selling? We’ve rounded up the most popular ones to add to your cart as soon as possible.

Neck cream box.  (Photo: Sephora)

This cream is a savior for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. (Photo: Sephora)

If you want to correct a loss of firmness and elasticity in the skin, look no further than this cream. It is formulated with a form of niacin alongside StriVectin’s patented Gravitate-CF lifting complex to improve overall skin elasticity and provide visible lifting to sagging skin. It also contains brightening ingredients to help even out your skin tone.

Many Sephora reviewers say they love the results, with one in particular commenting, “I’ve tried a lot of anti-aging creams, but this cream, when used regularly, delivers results. .. I apply this buttery rich neck cream in an upward motion towards my jawline and in six to eight weeks my wrinkles are diminishing, my skin is tighter, I’m seeing results.

$44.50 $59 at Sephora

Moisturizing cartridge.  (Photo: Sephora)

A retinol moisturizer is essential. (Photo: Sephora)

This triple threat of a cream combines three essential anti-aging powerhouses to deliver noticeable results: retinol, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time while helping skin become firmer; vitamin C, which brightens and evens skin tone; and wild currant extract, which can defend skin against free radicals and fight other signs of aging. The moisturizing ingredients in the cream also help keep skin firm and healthy, as well as restore moisture that may be lost when using retinol.

“It’s just AMAZING,” one reviewer said of this cream. “I can’t believe the difference in my skin. Dark circles and bags under my eyes are gone, fine lines are erased and my skin looks firmer making it look younger. I’m 50 and this product made my complexion even without more redness.”

$77 $110 at Sephora

Tube of face cream.  (Photo: Sephora)

It is important to exfoliate to promote skin cell renewal. (Photo: Sephora)

Any good skincare routine involves exfoliation, and this product is a great option for its added anti-aging benefits. Made with intensive chemical exfoliants AHA and BHA (meaning alpha and beta hydroxy acids), this cleanser helps with skin cell turnover, which promotes younger-looking skin. It also includes a physical exfoliator – jojoba beads – to slough off dead skin cells and revive dull skin.

“Can’t live without this cleanser,” writes one reviewer. “Very exfoliating and brightens my skin. I feel like it helps with dullness and dry skin during the winter, as well as reducing fine lines from the summer sun.”

$31.50 $42 at Sephora

Bottle of serum.  (Photo: Sephora)

The sensitive skin alternative to retinol. (Photo: Sephora)

If you have sensitive skin or have found retinol treatments too harsh, this is a great alternative. The serum uses Babchi extract, which contains bakuchiol, a botanical ingredient that, like retinol, works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains PHA, a mild chemical exfoliant that can help resurface skin cells, and tremella mushroom for extra hydration. The formula itself also looks like jelly, which makes it extremely fun to apply.

One satisfied reviewer comments, “I found a huge difference between the texture of my skin before using it and the next morning. It’s so much smoother. I’m particularly concerned about skin aging and dullness, and because I also have burnt skin with retinol, I’ve yet to find a product that has had as good of a result as this.”

$11.50 $19 at Sephora

Oranges, grapefruits and face cream.  (Photo: Sephora)

Have you had your daily dose of vitamin C? (Photo: Sephora)

For a moisturizer rich in vitamin C, this cream from Sunday Riley is the answer. It contains a Vitamin C derivative known as THD Ascorbate which is better able to penetrate the skin to fight the signs of aging and restore your skin to its natural glow. This form of vitamin C is also known to be less irritating, so if your skin is sensitive, this cream is a great option.

This reviewer says they are very pleased with their results. “I love this product! I’ve been using it for about six months now and have noticed a visible difference in my skin,” they comment. “It’s brighter, more supple, and the light scent is a plus! The icing on the cake, my husband has noticed the difference on my skin and he’s starting to use it too.”

$16.50 $22 at Sephora

The reviews quoted above reflect the most current versions at the time of publication.

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