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Super goof! Invisible Sunscreen Review

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As an extremely pale person (seriously, I’ve never seen a doctor who didn’t ask me to check my vitamin D levels), sunscreen has been part of my daily beauty routine for as long as I can remember. . I know I’m an outlier in this, and honestly, I get it. If I didn’t get a savage sunburn within 10 minutes of being outside bare-faced, I’d be tempted to skip the step too. Because, other than its skin-preserving and cancer-preventing abilities, there’s not much to like about most sunscreens.

They tend to be gooey, or greasy, or impossible to scrub off without looking like you’re wearing a thin layer of chalk on your face. (Well, that’s my default look, but it’s a problem for anyone who doesn’t already have chalk color.) Some exacerbate acne, or smell overwhelming, or refuse to look good. play with makeup. So, of course, SPF tends to be the step that gets skipped when you’re pressed for time, or don’t think you’ll be outdoors much, or, frankly, when you don’t you just don’t want to.

I understand. I do it. But since you know that sunscreen isn’t just an essential part of fighting cancer-causing UV rays, but it’s also every dermatologist’s number one tip in the book for fighting the signs of aging, you also know that you should wear sunscreen. every day. It’s just a matter of finding the right one – and if you’re like the dozens of friends and family I’ve prosthesized, you just might find this Supergoop! Invisible sunscreen is that.

Think of everything you hate about sunscreen (or just scroll down a few paragraphs for a reminder). This SPF throws it all out the window. Heavy and greasy? No, it stays light as a feather, with a satin finish that will rival your favorite primer any day of the week (speaking of primers, it works as one, which means you won’t worry about layering if your makeup is also supported.) Chalky? No, it’s crystal clear right out of the tube. There’s no fragrance, so you won’t feel like you’ve lost a day at the beach every time you put it on, and the oil-free formula helps avoid clogging your pores.

And while its broad-spectrum SPF 40 gives me ample protection on even my most outdoorsy days, perhaps the biggest accolade I can offer is that my dad, who notoriously hates skincare products, skin and refuses to use them, doesn’t just apply it every morning, he buys it in multiples to keep his travel bag and truck full, so he never runs out. As the weather warms up and our thoughts turn to picnics, hikes and sunny getaways, isn’t it time to finally invest in that sunscreen you love so much?

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