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The 23 best products to get the most out of your restful sleep

Overall, you want to wake up at exactly the same time every day. Apparently, that’s a bigger factor in maintaining your circadian rhythm than going to bed at the same time every day. Breus recommends using a sleep tracker, such as the Oura ringwhich he claims is the most accurate on the market – for determining the length of your sleep cycle. “If you really want to understand what restorative sleep is, it’s actually stages three and four of sleep, where we get the biggest bolus of growth hormone, and that’s really what restores us physically, he added. Knowing this, I don’t understand how Dolly Parton can be amazing herself while only operating on three to five hours of sleepbut I guess that really proves that Breus is right when he says sleep is personal!

I believe getting optimal sleep is going to require a holistic overhaul of my entire life: eating foods that make me feel good (if you’ve ever fallen asleep with severe stomach pain, you know that’s the truth) , meditate, get enough exercise, and probably a bunch of other things! But there are also things I can do with my home, like preparing my bedroom to actually be a safe haven and not turning my bed into a makeshift workplace where I sit with my laptop. As I planned to paint the walls so they weren’t blindingly white and put in better blackout curtains, the first thing I wanted to do was get a new bed. I asked Thomas Tozer, DC, chiropractor at Imperium Chiropractic in Wisconsin, what someone should look for when choosing a mattress to help with sleep hygiene. “The biggest thing buyers should look for in a mattress is quality,” he says. “There’s a wide variety to choose from, and trying to get away with it on the cheap usually ends up being a bad choice. He also says to consider the many factors that come into play when choosing a mattress, like the body type, health issues (arthritis, sleep apnea, circulatory issues, etc.), your partner’s needs, and price range.Tozer also recommends people research the different types and firmness of mattresses. says to consider getting a firmer mattress as you can always make a mattress softer by adding a mattress topper (something I will eventually learn about later).

I am deeply convinced that better sleeping habits will dramatically improve my life in all aspects, but getting where I want to be has not been easy. I tend to be able to write better late at night (like I am right now), there’s the phone/social media habit we all have, and there’s the whole problem of “coronasomnia”. My stress and anxiety have been there for the past three years. Additionally, I had to deal with the grief of my family dog ​​who passed away last year, so I often found myself tossing and turning all night or staying awake. I’ve slowly made changes and tried things here and there, but I’m dedicated to figuring this out. I want to be a sleeping queen!

Ahead, you’ll find all the things I swear by to put my beauty (and my mental and physical health and everything in between) to sleep.