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Walmart partners with Space NK to launch prestige beauty products

Walmart Inc. is getting into the prestige beauty act with BeautySpace NK, a collaboration that leverages the retailer’s size and scale with the iconic British personal care and beauty company’s assortment of premium brands and beauty products. Walmart becomes the latest example of mass-market, department store relationships with beauty specialists. Target has a collaboration with Ulta for in-store stores and Kohl’s has opened Sephora branded experiences for consumers. Customers will now have a convenient way to purchase both beauty staples and prestige specialty items during their weekly visit to Walmart.

Walmart and UK retailer Space NK will bring prestige beauty products to on March 15 and nearly 250 Walmart stores nationwide this summer through BeautySpace NK. Space NK stores can be found in select Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom units.

Andy Lightfoot, CEO of Space NK, said: “We got the conversation started and a few things got it going. First, we have seen a shift in customer behavior in the beauty market, particularly in the US and globally, with the catalyst being COVID-19 and customer demand on us as retailers. to make it easier for them to find the brands they want.

“At SpaceNK, we believed we had something very unique to offer the Walmart customer through our curated multi-brand wholesale platform at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom and our ability to move quickly, combined with the scale of Walmart and to the real attraction of the universal clientele. our number one choice to launch prestige beauty, added Lightfoot.

Laurie Tessier, director of prestige beauty merchandising at Walmart, said the retailer has tweaked its offering over the past two years. “We were really looking to expand our assortment and continue to generate newness for our customers,” she said. “We were trying to continue that in the prestige sector. For us, this made sense, knowing that most customers will mix up their beauty bag and shopping bags with mass-produced and prestige products.

“It didn’t make sense that our client needed to go to two places, so what we really did, Space NK provides us with these brands and an organized assortment, but we still do it in a very Walmart way. . that we set it up and that the curation is integrated into the total beauty experience. That was our number one goal and our number one goal,” added Tessier.

Space NK has carefully curated a collection of prestige products especially for the Walmart shopper, covering a variety of skincare, makeup, haircare, bath and body price points. Available on on March 15, BeautySpace NK offers more than 600 products from 15 brands, including new and established labels, some of which are only available at Walmart.

Offers will include luxury brands such as Slip, By Terry, Philip B and Lancer; independent brands, including PSA, creators of Allies of Skin; award-winning beauty heroes such as Mario Badescu, Foreo and Improver; trendy items from brands such as Babe Original, Eyeko, Patchology and Grow Gorgeous, and herbal products from Goldfaden MD, Mio and Mama Mio. Exclusive new brands will include Summer Camp, a mineral-based SPF line from the founders of Soleil Toujours, which will only bow at Walmart this summer, while exclusive new products will include a bespoke zippered pouch of simple scrunchies from Briefs and a custom-made Philip B initiation set.

“We have a whole host of different brands across all different creative thoughts, ideologies and price points,” Lightfoot said. “Slip, Grow Gorgeous, Philip B and Mario Badescu will be taking the tips at launch. We have some of the doctor’s brands and makeup brands like By Terry. It’s a real mix of different types of brands, heritage brands and of doctors’ brands and many different prices.

“Finding the right compromise for the price is something we really want to test,” Lightfoot added. “Walmart’s impression and depth of customer base, which is mostly everyone, suggests that there is demand for many different prices and products at different levels. That’s why we’ve selected many select brands to different price points and with a different ideology to really test this and see what works and that’s basically what this first step is about, testing and learning what works to understand how we move forward and what we double bites.

There will be more product launches throughout the year, Tessier said, adding there is potential to open BeautySpace NK aisles in other stores. “We are delighted to launch it in our nearly 250 stores. From there, we’re going to learn a lot, see what works, and we’re going to keep monitoring that. We are really excited to see how our customers will react.

Lightfoot said that Walmart has raised the bar for products in other categories such as fashion and home, spurred Space NK’s decision to partner with the retail giant.

“Walmart has become synonymous with innovation and customer focus,” he said. “My perception of Walmart is [a retailer] which really seeks to make it easy for customers to get all the products they want to buy from one store in one place. Having had the opportunity to spend time as an individual and as a customer during my many visits to the United States and with the Walmart team, I see this showing up in a multitude of categories. The collaboration with Space NK goes even further than that in terms of execution and visual merchandising and what we’re trying to do together as a partnership, which is to offer a truly unique and distinct selection of prestige beauty products. to a Walmart customer.

The design of BeautySpace NK somewhat combines the aesthetics of both retailers. “The design definitely echoes the sleek, easy-to-buy design you see in the US and UK at Space NK, but it’s done in a very unique way at Walmart,” Lightfoot said. “They’ve been amazing partners and we’ve really bent the rules to create a very differentiated look that allows us to express our brand direction and express the creative stories of what the brands and products really stand for and what. they talk. We did all of this in the Walmart environment. We introduced unique lighting and light boxes, images and different creations. It takes the best of Space NK and the best of Walmart.

Tessier said BeautySpace NK will launch a 360-degree marketing campaign aimed at increasing awareness. “We strategically launched [online] so much before the store launches to continue to build awareness and visibility for customers so that they are really excited once it goes live in stores,” she said. “We will continue once we launch online, and continue our marketing efforts to build awareness when we hit stores in early summer.”

Tessier and Lightfoot declined to discuss sales volume, but the former said, “We have high hopes it will go very, very well.

“We think about this strategy a little differently,” she added. “We keep that in the Walmart infrastructure, but what’s different about our strategy is how we’ve really played with curation. We’ve done a lot of this hard work for the consumer who only has limited time in our driveway and in our box. That’s what’s really exciting about it, we bring the best of the best from these brands and do it in a really high way and always Walmart. We make it easy for the consumer to get what they want when and how they want it.

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