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After touting the benefits of CBD when ingested, Martha Stewart is veering into the topical space.

Martha Stewart CBD launched its expansion beyond ingestible CBD on Wednesday with its Wellness Topicals line, which consists of three body care products. The products – Super Strength CBD Cream, Sleep Science CBD Cream and Daily De-Stress CBD Cream – range from $19.99 to $99.99, depending on size, and are launched at

The brand is a subsidiary of cannabis and cannabinoid company Canopy Growth Corp., where Stewart sits on the advisory board. Its product offerings vary in format, from oils and gummies to soft gels, as well as ingestibles for pets.

“The natural next step was really topical creams, which are popular,” Stewart told WWD via Zoom. “People are looking for muscle relief or calm, healthy sleep. Rather than taking ingestibles, you can also add topicals for the skin. It’s a big deal. »

The products combine CBD with a range of actives. The Super Strength cream adds magnesium and ginger for muscle recovery, the Sleep Science CBD cream includes lavender and vetiver essential oils, and the Daily De-Stress cream uses neroli and ho wood essential oils.

Dr. Anna Persaud, vice president of skincare and topicals at Canopy Growth, said in an email that: “Each product is designed to be easy to use and easy to love, with industry-leading levels of CBD. on the market, powerful and proven coactives. -work aroma-technology, the line is carefully balanced for optimal results for everyday wellness challenges such as muscle recovery, sleep support and stress management.

Stewart said the brand’s horizons are limitless, with eyes on other categories for expansion. When asked if she was considering skincare for the face, as well as haircare, she replied, “All of the above happens.

“You’ll see some skincare coming later this year, and some really fabulous products that I’ve been using. I’ve been testing my product for over a year and it’s really working in the best possible way,” he said. she continued.

Even a universally trusted personality like Stewart said convincing consumers to be comfortable with cannabis-derived products was a hurdle. This did not, however, hamper growth. A spokesperson for the brand said the company beat its original quarter-over-quarter sales estimate by 20%.

“People are going to shyly come up to me – women of a certain age, like over 60 – and ask me, ‘How are the gummies, I’ve never tried CBD.’ I say ‘here’s a box, try it’ and they become repeat customers,” she said, noting that the appeal of her products was universal. “The topics are for all ages. People have had apprehensions that CBD is pot, although it is a very different compound from THC [the psychoactive component of cannabis].

“We’re going to be very persuasive throughout this year in terms of efficiency, reliability and very good quality of the things we make,” Steward continued. “I’m a future thinker, I’m always trying new things. I don’t smoke weed, but I use CBD.

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